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On this site you will find information about the International Soil Tillage Research Organisation (ISTRO), which focusses on the impact and consequences of various soil tillage (including no-till) practices and from field traffic. More information about the organisation itself can be found on the organisation page. 

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ISTROINFO June2021 v2 David MckenzieJune 16th 2021 - The latest version of ISTRO info, the June 2021 issue, is available for download. In this issue:

- ISTRO 2022 conference update
- David McKenzie awarded JA Prescott medal
- 2nd workshop Conservation Tillage working group
- New PhD graduate 3- year membership awarded
- Upcoming meetings and events
- New books

David McKenzie, a long-term ISTRO member, gave a key note address at the SSA/NZSSS Virtual World Soil Day event 2020 as a follow up on being awarded the prestigious JA Prescott medal by Soil Science Australia.

The presentation was entitled “Many ‘soil management generalists’ in Australian agriculture have failed: They require expertise from Soil Science Specialists". David has worked in both soil science research and private consultancy. He has for decades been a leading member of the ISTRO working group F: Visual Soil Evaluation and Examination.

(Photo: David McKenzie demonstrating SOILpak at the ISTRO workshop in Ireland, 2017. Photo by Paul Murphy.)