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September 6th, 2019 - The PhD thesis of James Barr has been added to the Dissertation repository of the ISTRO website, and can be downloaded in the disserations section. James has defended his thesis in June 2018. He has presented his thesis content on the ISTRO conference in Paris in 2018. The thesis has the title 'Optimising bentleg opener geometry for higher speed no-till seeding'.

The introduction of the thesis reads: Narrow openers commonly used in Australian no-tillage seeding operations cause excessive soil disturbance which typically limit speed to 8-9 km h-1. In this thesis, the low disturbance bentleg opener is investigated for its use in high speed no-tillage seeding. The discrete element method (DEM) of modelling is used to optimise performance and develop bentleg openers for integrated use in bentleg seeding systems.