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On this site you will find information about the International Soil Tillage Research Organisation (ISTRO), which focusses on the impact and consequences of various soil tillage (including no-till) practices and from field traffic. More information about the organisation itself can be found on the organisation page. 

Activities organised by ISTRO and other organisations concerning soil tillage can be found on the activities page. 
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August 28th 2019 - The latest version of ISTRO info, the July - August 2019 issue, is available for download.

In this issue:
- Harvest time in Northern Europe -  an editorial by Lars J. Munkholm,
- News on the 2021 and 2024 ISTRO conferences,
- News on Soil & Tillage research,
- PhD defence of Maricke van Leeuwen,
- ISTRO website update,
- Cover crop meeting in the US,
- New ISTRO president elect, Mark Reiter.

In the picture above Dr. Mark Reiter, associate Professor and Extension Specialist of Soils and Nutrient Management, located at the Virginia Tech Eastern Shore Agricultural Research and Extension Center on the Delmarva Peninsula in Painter, VA. Mark is the new ISTRO president elect. (photo: Ursula Deitch).